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BOX NEWS is artist Paul Kroner's response to the relentless churn of toxic news, politics, and the mountains of trash that litter our present and threaten our future—literally and metaphorically. Painted on both sides of discarded corrugated boxes found in the thrash and suspended from the ceiling, BOX NEWS is an immersive and visually stimulating experience.


BOX NEWS premiered at Studio Kroner in Cincinnati, Ohio, in November 2022, as a part of a two-person show called TRASH TALK, along with artist Devan Horton and her beautiful series "Penchant." TRASH TALK recently traveled to the Edward A. Dixon Gallery in March 2023.

As there seems to be no shortage of BOX NEWS subjects, this series will continue to grow and is in search of new socially minded galleries interested in mounting the show. Email Paul at if you might know if such a place! 

Artist Statement

The corrugated box has become an ever-present symbol of our capitalistic society. Since the pandemic, they are even more prevalent as more and more of us opt to have any and everything delivered to our homes. Our garbage bins overflow with the detritus of our consumer culture.

At the same time, the insatiable 24/7 news cycle bombards us with an endless parade of talking heads promoting the big lie and other trash meant to attract eyeballs like flies to rotten meat. So-called "leaders" of one of our major political parties litter the airwaves with their thinly veiled racist, misogynistic, xenophobic propaganda non-stop on Fox News, talk radio, and other conspiracy-related outlets. 


Their black-and-white view of the world aims to return us to the monochromatic past, where men were men, women were women, white was right, and the hell with everyone else. It is hard to avoid them, as they seem to be everywhere and multiplying like the boxes on the doorsteps of our homes. 


This series, "BOX NEWS," captures just some of these aspiring autocrats and bombastic blowhards in black-and-white on a "canvas" befitting their subjects: an empty and discarded box destined for the trash bin of history.

-Paul Kroner

Gallery of BOX NEWS subjects


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