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2020  Bronze   18”H x 13”W x 4”D 

Artist Notes

Micah was a quirky young man — a true artist at heart.


On December 2, 2016, at the tender age of twenty-eight, he lost his life in the Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland, California. The son of dear friends of mine, he lived life on his own terms. His voice was silenced way too soon, yet his passion for art and community lives on. 

This piece is based on a photo of him at around the age of 17 or 18. In the photo, he is showing off a new tattoo. I was struck by the vulnerability of the pose, which seemed to capture the essence of this young man. My goal was to capture the figure of a boy emerging into manhood – a young man willing to expose himself fully to the world, living bravely and pursuing his own self-determined journey. His pursuit of a fully authentic life inspires me.

Micah will be cast in a limited edition of 12.

Photos | Process

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