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Bus Stop Lady

2020  Bronze   11.5”H x 4”W x 4”D

Artist Notes

Early one Sunday morning last fall on my walk through town, I noticed this woman waiting for the #32 bus. I was taken with her deep purple and red flowing outfit, and her casual, relaxed and confident gesture. 


​I took a quick photo of her from across the street and later that afternoon I did some sketches in my notebook and a quick study in clay. I loved the way the folds of the fabric catch the light and the strength of her pose. I put a sculpture and painting I was working on at the time aside and dove right into sculpting this piece while the memory was fresh.


​“Bus Stop Lady is 11.5’' tall x 4' 'wide x 4’’ deep It will be cast in bronze in an edition of 12 unique casts. She would make a great addition to your home or office. Contact me if you are interested in securing an edition.

"Bus Stop Lady" will be cast in a limited edition of 12.

artist notes

Photos | Process


Sketch and Maquette

Bus Stop Lady Measurements
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