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Introducing “Gaia”

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Pre-Cast Sale

I'm pleased to introduce my latest sculpture “Gaia,” available now to a select group for the “pre-cast” price of $1,800 — 30% less than after the first edition is cast.  


About Gaia

“Gaia” is the ancestral mother of all life in Greek mythology and personifies the entire ecosystem of planet earth.


My interpretation of this mythological figure depicts her as exposed and vulnerable, much like our environment and the world are due to the coronavirus, climate warming, and social injustices. Yet despite the threats and turmoil, she is strong and resolute, and her heart remains open for the possibility of progress and change.

“Gaia” will be produced in an edition of 12 unique bronze castings. She is 6.5" tall and sits on a 10" circular base. The figure will have a bronze brown (ferric) patina. The base she sits on will have a blue/green (cupric) patina. 



Patina Simulation


Process Sketches

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