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Hometown artist returns to his roots

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Local Artist Returns Home

Sculptor, visual artist and designer Paul Kroner has returned to his native Cincinnati after living in the Boston area for the past 35 years.

“I’ve regularly come back to Cincinnati to visit family over the years, and have been excited to see the ongoing renaissance taking place,” Kroner said recently.” There’s just so much going on here all across the arts, and the creative energy is invigorating.

“The Boston area has been very good for me, both in my art career and my visual design business,” he continued. “But I’ve been drawn to the vibrancy of my home town for some time now, and it’s finally a good time to reconnect with my city, my family, and my artistic roots.” Kroner’s work has been well-received over the years. His recent work in particular is gaining momentum among art-smart audiences, a number of whom have acquired pieces for their personal collections.

Part of the well-known local Kroner Dry Cleaners family, Paul is a ’77 graduate of LaSalle High School, and an ’82 graduate of the Design, Art and Architectural (DAA) program at the University of Cincinnati.

Kroner’s studio is located at 2100 West Eighth Street in Lower Price Hill, the original home of Manischewitz Matzo and, subsequently, of the Hutch Sporting Goods company. The building houses a wide range of artists and artisans, including painters, sculptors, ceramists, wood-workers, and photographers.

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