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Impeachment Madness

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The first phase of the Impeachment Inquiry is now behind us. And like most everything else during the age of Trump, it’s like passing a bad car wreck on the highway that you just can’t help but slow down and notice—only worse!

Like everyone else, I’m trying to stay sane during this maddening process. One of the ways I’m doing so is by sketching key Impeachment characters. Each sketch is done very quickly in a composition notebook from Staples, scanned, and then colorized in Photoshop. It is a fun way for me to connect to the proceedings and a reminder of how much I like to sketch. —Paul

Donald “The Divider” Trump

Jerry “The Chairman” Nadler

Doug “The Rank Member” Collins

Ambassador “Sounds Like Me” Sondland

Nancy “The Speaker” Pelosi

Robert “The Stoic” Mueller

Adam “The Moderator” Schiff and Rudy “The Human Hand Grenade” Giuliani

Jim “Where is My Sport Coat” Jordan

Fionna Hill

Alexander “Call Me Lieutenant Colonel” Vindman

David “He Loves Your Ass” Holmes

Maria Yonavich

Joe “Let Me Tell You A Story” Biden

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